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Sell used books in Mobile with a textbook buyback price comparison from

Enter the ISBN into the search box below to find the best place to sell used books and college textbooks.

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Tips for selling college textbooks for cash in Mobile AL:

1) Determine which used books and textbooks to sell online for CASH:

Collect all the books you wish to sell – whether your recent best-selling fiction or old college textbooks. Even if you think that no book buyback website wants to buy an old edition of your biology school book.

2) Develop a list of ISBNs to sell:

Books are sold back based upon their International Standard Book Number (ISBN) which is like a social security code for books – it is a unique identifier usually on the back cover or copyright page. Consider making this list on your computer as most buyback websites will allow you to paste multiple ISBNs at once to quickly find all their cash prices.

Note: Check to see if your used school book has a white sticker over the ISBN on the back cover, double check that ISBN against the ISBN on the copyright page because often bookstores mislabel books. Companies buy back books based upon the true ISBN on the copyright page, not the campus bookstore label applied to your textbook.

3) Selling back textbooks online:

It is easy to find the best cash price in Mobile using our book price comparison search tool. Just enter the used book you wish to sell back into the search box and we will search the internet to find you the best price for your old textbooks

4) Be sure to read each buyback companies condition and timing guidelines:

Each company that buys back books have similar, but unique, condition criteria that must be met for them to pay the full price they offered for your books. For instance, some companies require CDs or DVDs to be included – others do not. Make sure you read and understand any condition guidelines, and also when a price quote expires.

5) Be careful when selling books online:

If you are trying to get cash for college textbooks understand they are like cash. Make sure you use a sturdy box, and use filler (magazine papers, old notes, etc) so your campus books won’t while in transit. Packing peanuts are not good to use because they break down during shipment and can damage the book pages.

6) Shipping your books from Mobile, AL:

Read the shipping instructions for the company you are selling back your books. Some use a USPS media mail label (add tracking if your books are expensive), UPS, or FedEx. They will all provide you with a free shipping label and usually a packing list as well. You can typically have your books picked up, but might have to take them to a drop-off location.

7) Get cash 4 books:

Buyback companies will typically receive your books in 3 to 15 business days, and most will issue payment in 3 to 10 business days. Remember these businesses have no control over the companies delivering your books, so sometimes you will need patience. Get paid via PayPal for the fastest cash back as a check will take longer to arrive and can get lost in the mail. However, realize that most companies do not pay the PayPal fees for you so your amount will be reduced by up to 3%.

Sell back books for cash in Mobile AL

It is easy to sell used books for cash with an online book buy back comparison from Mobile AL.


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