Incorporating Technology into Education

Business Casual and TabletTechnology through texting and smartphone usage is a definite hindrance to your learning process and classroom goals, but technology through educational tools can be used to enhance your education. While technology cannot replace hands on experience and face-to-face interaction, it can be used to make learning more fun. If you are a student looking for ways to encourage your professors to incorporate technology into your classroom, take a look at the ideas below.

Video Learning

As an college student, you are familiar with the three learning styles—audio, visual, and kinesthetic. By using learning tools for homework or classroom such as instructional and educational videos, you can combine audio and visual learning for your learning experience. This method of learning is not only more memorable, but is advantageous for students that have a difficult time retaining what they read. To make video learning even more interactive you can have a Q&A that yourself and other students fill out while watching the video, or your teacher can stop the video at certain points to do hands-on demonstrations.

 Video Conferencing

Skype is a valuable and free tool, which allows you to connect with people from around the country or around the world. So why not use it in your classroom? You could use video conferencing to take a class from a teacher in another state or country. You could use it to conduct a live interview and then write a report summarizing the interview. You could even use the tool in the classroom to meet other students from around the world.

Encourage Creative Writing

Great teachers find ways to make learning fun. Look for ways to encourage creative writing via modern technology. This could be by using a classroom Twitter feed to connect with inspirational public figures, having a classroom social media page, or having a class blog in which you rotate posting the written works of students.

Create An Online Resource List

Since many students use the internet to research their projects, there is great importance in teaching youth the difference between official sources and random online posts. While an official source may still have content that is a combination of fact and personal opinion, it is backed by a source that is held responsible for the reporting. When you create classroom assignments consider creating a list of online newspapers, magazines, and news stations your students can refer to when doing their homework.

Use Technology To Fill The Gaps Of Budget Cuts

Many schools have had cutbacks in their art, music, sport, and physical education programs. In turn, many teachers dig into their own pockets to buy art supplies, musical instruments, and simple sporting goods to help fill this gap. You will have to check with your school to see what the guidelines are, but look for ways you can use technology to learn some of these missing programs via online videos or video conferencing.

Many education professionals worry that technology in the classroom is too distracting, and it can be when not used in the correct manner. As with all lesson plans there needs to be a clearly defined end goal when using technology in the classroom, and there needs to be a way to measure success.

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