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If you’ve graduated high school, you may or may not have bought a high school graduation ring. If you didn’t, you should look into getting yourself a college graduation ring. You have spent four or more years working towards your goal that will become the basis of your career for the rest of your life, and you deserve it; so why not? College class rings can be designed just like their high school counterparts, and they do not have to cost an arm and a leg either. Read on for more information on this wonderful commemorative!

Custom Class RingsCollege or University Rings Weather you are looking for a ring just for yourself or for the whole class, we are ready to help. Price range $150 – $1,500 Dimensions different sizes Go to the head of the class …More at custom made college class rings – bucobumf – InsaneJournal

Some People Aren’t So Fond of Them:

College graduation rings, or class rings, are like the ones from high school; they’re overpriced, over designed and ugly, especially the men’s rings. A friend of mine bought a high school ring. We make fun of him and his dog….More at Are Graduation Rings Worth it? | Chegg Blog | College Topics for

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