Coeds & Sugar Daddies?

Paper money, extreme macro is a site dedicated to ‘sugar daddies’ being matched up with their ‘sugar babies’. At one time the stigma of this was relegated to those women not-so-affectionately known as gold diggers, but in this economy a different trend is emerging – sugar daddies are paying the high cost of college for their selected ‘baby’. In fact, this site reports that one out of every two babies that register are, in fact, college students. They recently released a list of the top 20 schools where coeds are registering from, and the results may surprise some. The top of the list goes to:

  • Georgia State
  • NYU
  • Temple University

But is this coeds & sugar daddies coupling merely an escort service? …More at Economy Fueling ‘Sugar Daddies’?


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College Students Find Sugar Daddies to Pay for TuitionWCTV

The company says as tuition hikes continue, more college students are turning to Sugar Daddies to get by. FSU student Kaylee Blanchard says, “There’s many ways that you can do it. You can apply for loans; you can apply for scholarships; get a job. I

Perth uni students turn to ‘sugar daddiesWA today

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Coeds or Call Girls? Sugar Daddies Pay TuitionForbes

As our own Roxanna Popescu, now at the San Diego U-T recently reported “In the face of rising college costs and mounting student debt, more college students are joining . . . online “Sugar Daddy website[s].” At one such site, Popescu reported, student

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More College Students Turning to ‘Sugar Daddy‘ Websites to Fund EducationWBBJ-TV

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Tennessee is becoming one of the fastest growing areas for these types of financially beneficial relationships. The University of Memphis, The University of Tennessee-Knoxville and Chattanooga all ranking in the Top 50 schools using

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More on Coed Sugar Daddies Around the Nation:

Have you seen this trend around your campus? Perhaps you are utilizing an older gentleman yourself? Let us know your thoughs below!