Finding a Rewarding Career

With today’s job market, finding a stable job in a thriving industry can be a difficult goal. Many employment sectors are scaling back, and jobs are … [Read more...]

How will baby boomers will impact the nursing shortage?

As baby boomers age, the number of people with multiple chronic conditions is expected to grow from 8.7 million today to almost 37 million in 2030. … [Read more...]


6 Tips for Getting Your Degree in Your Thirties

If you’re a 30-something person who is either thinking about going back to college and getting your degree or taking the plunge by studying at a … [Read more...]

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Creative Ways to Maximize Your Limited Space While Living in a College Dorm

It’s finally happened. You’ve moved out, made it to college, and you are ready to begin your new life as a student. To that end, you’ve decided to … [Read more...]

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The Holiday Breaks: Finding a Balance

The holiday breaks are quickly approaching and students will be coming home from college. If you are experiencing this for the first time, the … [Read more...]


Managing the College Admissions Frenzy

Students now apply to an average of a dozen universities to assure acceptance into a college because of the competitive nature of admissions. What has … [Read more...]


Summer Tasks to Prepare for the Fall

Every parent and student knows that if you’re college bound, you should spend the summer concentrating on these activities to build your resume: … [Read more...]


A Beginner’s Guide to Business English

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Smart College Finance

How to Spend Smart

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College Scholarships; The Weird, the Wacky, the Wonderful

Scholarships are a wonderful thing to have, let alone apply for. And there are so many different types of scholarships, some you would never even … [Read more...]

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Ways To Understand Your Calling And Find Your Future Profession

People find their calling throughout their lives. Kevin Grevioux is an American actor, comic book writer and screenwriter who is best known as Raze in … [Read more...]


How Does One Become a Machinist?

Machinists use a combination of mathematical aptitude, physical dexterity, and craftsmanship to create precise parts. Becoming a machinist can open up … [Read more...]

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Comparing College Financial Aid Award Letters

In just a few weeks, colleges will be distributing their financial aid awards. If you’ve applied to more than one college (and most do), you’re going … [Read more...]


Expert Advice on Managing a Part Time Job and College

This will seem like a crazy statement to a lot of parents and students, but I am not a very strong advocate of seeking a part-time private sector job … [Read more...]


College Sweethearts: When to Take The Next Step

Whether you've been with your significant other for a few months or a few years, you may be feeling some inclinations toward making the relationship … [Read more...]


Off-Campus Eco-Living

While living off-campus in a messy, cramped, run-down college home doesn't seem like a viable situation to be mindful of the environment and your … [Read more...]